About Us

Bear Witness Australia is a collective of animal rights activists who investigate and document animal use in Australia; from farms to slaughterhouses, hatcheries, rodeos, zoos and more.


We present our findings through photojournalism, with the aim to raise awareness of the spectrum of exploitative situations which arise as a natural consequences of denying animals their inherent moral rights.


It began as a Facebook page in 2015 by Lissy Jayne, using excess photographic material from previous years of investigative work.


It has since become an incorporated association in 2017 and expanded to now compromise a small team of people whose combined efforts in photography, videography, writing and investigating, produce content to raise awareness about industrial and commercial exploitation of animals.


While industry investigations do reveal the standard practices often otherwise unknown or deliberately hidden from the general public, Bear Witness also aims to document and tell the stories of the individuals imprisoned and used by those industries. Presenting both an insight into the operations of these exploitative businesses, and some of our first-hand experiences with individual animals while doing so.

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